Salon Vision Premium Photography & Production is the result of a strategic partnership between Salon Films and the international photography and artist agency Visionairs.

Our aim is to provide total photography shooting solutions with premium-class photographers and production team for brands in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, life style, still life, food and media industries and organizations.

We connect artists and brands, by taking charge of the entire creative production process from project management, concept creation, production, scouting, casting, art buying to post-production services.

Our philosophy is to reveal unique photographic works for our clients’ advertising campaigns and story telling. More than simply an artist management agency, we also provide a full range of services:

Project Management

From presentation, budgeting to account servicing - our producer and project manager will oversee the whole production process to achieve clients’ objectives within the budget.

Concept Development

Creative consultancy and concept development, art and technical direction - we have choices of Art Director, Photographer, Art Buyer, Art Specialist, Designer, Make-up and Hair Stylist and Production Assistants from Asia and Europe.


Casting, studio, location, equipment rental, sourcing of props, wardrobe and accessories, and on-site photo shooting.


Photo retouching and composition, 3D photography, and printing.

Visionairs represents the below international artists

  • Catherine DELAHAYE
  • Fiorenzo NISI
  • Frédérique VEYSSET
  • Massimo GAMMACURTA
  • Maxence CARDON
  • Olaf MUELLER
  • Olga PAPINA
  • Valérie ARCHENO
  • Photographer / Film Director
  • Eric ZEZIOLA
  • Kenneth WILLARDT
  • Patrizio DI RENZO
  • Paula PARRISH
  • Regine MAHAUX
  • Journalist
  • Céline ALONZO
  • Make Up / Hair Stylist
  • Christine DUPUYS
  • Illustrator
  • Martine BRAND
  • Art Director / Graphic Artist
  • Les deux ad
  • Priscillia REYNAUD

Catherine DELAHAYE(Photographer)

Catherine started her career as assistant to famous photographers on retouching campaigns. Being a professional photographer now, Catherine is a French professional children photographer, based in Paris. She worked with children magazines like Famizen, Les Enfantines, Mycp, Enfants Magazine, Mon bébé chérie, My baby in Paris,Gala, etc.

Maxence CARDON (Photographer)

The Parisian artist Maxence is presenting a colorful and obscure environment in which women and men struggle between being adulthood and childhood. Maxence has a deep appreciation for lifestyle, fashion and sports world and his clients include brands such as Adidas and Reebok.

Eric ZEZIOLA (Photographer//Film Director)

Frédérique photography series are imbued with freshness and naturalness. Based in Paris, her works span from beauty portraits, fashion to sports. Frédérique’s client list includes famous French magazines such as Grazia, Marie-Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair, Allure and Gala, and also French multinational retailer Carrefour.

Frédérique VEYSSET (Photographer)

Frédérique photography series are imbued with freshness and naturalness. Based in Paris, her works span from beauty portraits, fashion to sports. Frédérique’s client list includes famous French magazines such as Grazia, Marie-Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair, Allure and Gala, and also French multinational retailer Carrefour.

Valérie ARCHENO (Photographer)

The universe of Valérie is modern, arty, as well as fully in line with the spirit of the time. Her portfolio stretches across different categories: beauty, fashion, sports, and portraits. She has already working on French advertising campaign with Eres, Essec Business School, Institut National du Cancer, Honda, La Croix Rouge Françaisesand, la Mairie de Paris et Crédit Agricole, etc.

Massimo GAMMACURTA (Photographer)

Working between New York, Paris and Italy, Massimo is a conceptual photographer who realises his set design himself, is truly creative in his way of enhancing products. Working on still life, food and FMCG, each of his series tells a story as if products were alive. His commercial clients comprise several international top-brands including Armani, Chanel, Sotheby's, Google, Puma, Bloomberg, Esquire, Flaunt Mag, Forbes mag, Glamour Italia, GQ, Grazia, Harper & Collin, Hennessy X/O and Nike.

Paco PEREGRIN (Photographer)

Paco is a Spanish photographer focusing on beauty, fashion, sports and portraits. He has a unique Baroque universe, where he usually applies one main color to punctuate the photography. Paco’s clients come from the most prestigious international companies: Yves-Saint Laurent, Chanel, Redken, Dior, Shiseido, Gant, Diesel, Carlsberg, Adidas, etc.

Patrizio DI RENZO (Photographer//Film Director)

Based in Zurich, Patricio’s work is a link between two worlds - dark and dreamlike, the renowned artists Tim Burdon and Paolo Roversi are his “mentors”, who’s inspired him a strong and intense photography style. He has a deep appreciation for beauty, fashion, portraits, jewels and celebrities. His clients include Air France, Cacharel, Sprungli, Lalique, Volwagen, Vogue Germany, Fruithof, etc.

Kenneth WILLARDT (Photographer//Film Director)

Kenneth is a worldwide renowned advertising photographer based in New York focusing on beauty, fashion and celebrities. Kenneth photography offers a creative vision and a deep understanding of branding. He is working with the world’s leading high-end beauty and fashion companies such as Garnier, Dior, Clarins, L'Oreal, Maybeline, Clinique, Aussie, Vanity Fair, Self Magazine, Vogue China, etc.

Paula PARRISH (Photographer//Film Director)

This New York photographer is an incredibly creative and talented artist, with amazing style and universe. Paula has developed an interesting career inside the field of beauty, kids, fashion and men. Her advertising works include lots of brands: Universal Music, Virgin record Anthropologie, Twill, Oyster, Issue one, Kurv, Noise, Pulp, Crash, Factice, Lola Faturoti, Zink, dealer deluxe, Zoot, Von Dutch, Urban outfitters, Novotel and Neurodis.

Fiorenzo NISI (Photographer)

80’s photographer, Fiorenzo is based in Singapore and Bali, focusing on beauty, fashion, portraits, still life, food and celebrities. Fiorenzo has many years of experience in the moving images, as well as having a strong understanding of the advertising world, which led him work for prestigious magazines like Tatler, Elle and Vogue in the Asia region and with the Indian film director Fara Khan.

Olga PAPINA (Photographer)

Olga Papina is a Singapore based young photographer, specializing in beauty, fashion, portraits, still life and food. Her multicultural background has permitted her to see the world through different perspectives. Her work profile includes Raoul, Rolex, Piacemolto and Portofino.

Olaf MUELLER (Photographer)

Olaf juxtaposes conventional photographic method with modern digital technologies to create surreal and visually potent compositions. This Hong Kong and Vietnam based photographer is an art and universe lover, and he builds his reputation on beauty, fashion, portraits, celebrities, cars, lingerie and jewelry photography. He has worked with magazines and luxury brands like Chanel, Chopard, Christian Dior, Lancôme and Tiffany & Co. Olaf is particularly popular in Asian market.

Christine DUPUYS (Make Up and Hair Stylist)

Christine is a native Italian artist currently working between Paris, New York and Milano, especially during the fashion weeks. As a make up and hair stylist, she is famous for her beauty and skincare shots for companies like Vogue USA, Vanity Fair USA, Bulgari, Reebok UK, Diego Dalla Palma Cosmetics, Neihman Marcus, Polysiane skincare, Cover Girls South America, Zu Element, Yamamay Barbie, Meltin Pot and Valentino Bags.

Martine BRAND (Illustrator)

Martine is a fashion illustrator from Holland. She is the Fashion Blogger, author and illustrator for L’officiel Italia. She worked for clients such as Chopard, Chanel, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Ferrari, Guerlain, LVMH, Ellie Saab and many others.

Priscillia REYNAUD (Art Director and Graphic Artist)

With a Master in Visual Communication, Priscillia worked for prestigious communication agencies like Carre Basset, Mac Cann and Euro RSCG. Her expertise is presenting luxury, fashion, beauty, decoration through art and graphics. Her feminine touch characterizes her desire to find solutions - to innovate, imagine, design and create strength to present an elegant French touch for brands such as Perrier-Jouet Champagne, Klorane, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Lancaster and Annick Goutal.

Céline Alonzo (French TV Producer)

Celine Alonzo has 18 years of experience for the most prestigious French TV as a journalist, presenter and director. Her sharp-yet-delicate reporting and story-telling styles appeal to and gain trusts from many luxury brands and celebrities in Europe and the world. She has produced TV documentaries featuring Celine Dion, Sophie Marceau, Scarlett Johansson, Princess Diana and Cindy Crawford, as well as brands such as Harry Winston and Jimmy Choo. Celine is well known as one of the best ambassadress of the French lifestyle and culture through television programs.

Regine MAHAUX (Photographer and Film director)

Regine Mahaux started her career in USA as photographer and film director. Her sensitive tastes for telling stories help her translate the universe and personality of her clients. Celebrities, CEOs and royalties trust her styles and hired her to capture moments of their private lives. Regine’s clients include international magazines such as Vanity Fair, Time, People USA, Elle, Marie-Claire, Harper’s bazaar, OK, Gala, Paris Match, Hello and Bunte. She also worked with brands - Veuve Clicquot, IBM, Mercedes, Volvo, Nike, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Deutsche Bank, DANONE, Fiat, Reebok, Nina Ricci, Volkswagen, Audi, Nina Ricci, Dior, Vuitton, Davidoff, Sony and more.

Les deux ad (Art Directors)

Les deux ad is a duo of two visual creative designers, with over 25 years of experience working in the most prestigious Parisian luxury agencies. Expert in art direction and brand architecture, Les deux ad have already worked for Sprite, Piaget, L’oreal, Jean-­‐Paul Gauthier, Chevignon, Celio, Burma, Buffalo, Bourjois, Biotherm.

Visionnairs presentation:

Visionairs in Art was born, ten years ago. Lydie Geoffroy founded the production and photography agency in 2004. It is after studies of graphic arts and fine arts, that Lydie Geoffroy becomes guiding artistic of a Parisian advertising agency. Her experience in the creation will lead her to open and to work beside Angela de Bona in a photographers' new agency. Their collaboration will end in a promotional work centered on famous artists such as Patrick Demarchelier and many others.

After this collaboration Lydie create her own agency Visionairs in Art which includes some of the most talented contemporary photographers. Her know-­‐how of artistic manager will favor her moreover in this approach, and will forge her artistic philosophy, which is even of a use to her today as basis in her work in association with numerous artists. This philosophy, which establishes the essence of Visionairs in Art, is translated to her daily life work by creating new concepts, in collaboration with these photographers.

A few years after the opening of Visionairs in Art, and in the spirit of continuity, Visionairs Gallery was born.

Today Visionairs in art aims to be to be a responsible production agency in EU and Asia with Salon Vision his partners. It makes a commitment to accompany the artists in a most responsible way, by trying to make them benefit from a maximum visibility, while staying in agreement with their own values.

With a presence on the international scene particularly the Asian scene, and a more and more growing fame, the agency benefits from a radiation mattering regarding production. Moreover it takes care of the management of photos and the organization of advertising campaigns. The team of the agency also allows it to play on several boards, by putting forward a number of key points both on the communication and the business plan. Indeed, the agency is in charge of the organization of promotional events besides the usual varnishing and private viewings.

It also has a department purchase of art allowing it more flexibility in the elaboration of advertising campaigns. The department takes care of the acquisition of works and of rights necessary for the creative approach and initiative of any commercial.

Today Visionairs to become international in Asia, particularly in Singapore, and Shanghai. By asserting its will of internationalization, Visionairs tries to cross all the known geographical and temporal borders. As it is said if it is impossible to reach the borders of the art, then maybe it means that the art does not have any.