Salon Vision introduces Immersive Visual Experience solutions, with interactive exhibits as content highlights for events. Using a brand’s communication messages as a starting point to create a content strategy, Salon Vision provides a total solution from concept, and production to technical installation displays, to ensure an impactful visual experience to the target audiences.

Salon Vision specializes in interactive visual solutions for clients and partners. Our interactive visual solution comprises 5 steps: Concept Design, Hardware Display Plan, Content Strategy & Production, On-Location Management, and Post-Event Survey. We value our clients’ communication and commercial objectives for each campaign.

Concept Design

After studying the objectives and logistics of each campaign or event, our project team will design and propose the most suitable immersive visual concepts for our clients to choose from. Each and every event will be tailor-made based on requirements and budgets.

Hardware Display Plan

Based on the visual experience concept, our team will select the most suitable choices of available hardware such as screens, audio system and interactive installation for clients. We will provide a suggested floor plan, which integrates well with the location and venue.

Content Strategy and Production

Content plays an important part in the immersive experience. Our team does not only produce video, graphical and animation content but also, prior to these, we discuss the content strategy with our clients so as to ensure key messages and brand image are well presented through the immersive experience.

On-Location Management

With both the content and technical displays in place, Salon Vision project team will do testing and on-location set up for the day of event. We will facilitate and monitor the whole immersive visual experience, start to finish.

Post-Event Survey

In this era of big data, it is very useful for clients to gather audience information and direct feedback through interactive marketing activities and events. As well as executing the immersive experience from planning to delivery, we also facilitate data mining for our clients, for example using mobile applications to enhance user-experience and event surveys.

  • Interactive floor experience
  • Interactive & Digital Wall
  • Multi-Touch Interactive table
  • Virtual Fitting Room
  • Digital signature platform
  • Augmented Reality System
  • Virtual Book
  • 360-Degree Holographic (Rubik) Cube
  • Full or Semi Digital Painting

Interactive floor experience

Amazed your audience by turning a plain floor into a catching movement and gestures interactive carpet! Leave your audience a unique interactive experience and engage them into your brand messages and images.

Elevate the visitor experience, with a unique blend of real and virtual!


Events and Brand Activations - Store opening and Product Launch - Exhibitions, Roadshows and Tradeshows - Internal Corporate Events/ Team Building - Interactive Lobby/ Floor Mat Experiences – Annual Gala, Cocktail party and Awards Ceremonies

Interactive & Digital Wall

This technology offers the audience the power of taking control of the picture simply with their physical movements. Impress and engage them in your marketing contents by flipping through the pictures, zooming or even interacting with some virtual characters on the screen.

Enables corporate and brand engagement using branded games and interactive effects!


Events and Brand Activations - Store opening and Product Launch - Exhibitions, Roadshows and Tradeshows - Internal Corporate Events/ Team Building – Annual Gala, Cocktail party and Awards Ceremonies

Multi-Touch Interactive table

The interactive table is an effective creative and entertaining window for your products and services. Intuitive and fun, the interactive table offers a full range of applications from drawing or playing, to product or 3D contents personalization.

Create an innovative and cutting edge range of advertising and promotion display!


Hotel, Bar, Restaurant Events-Exhibitions, Roadshows and Tradeshows - Corporate Events and parties

Virtual Fitting Room

The virtual fitting room revolutionizes your retail experience. This technology enables shoppers to try on your products virtually. It can be used in multiple locations such as retail stores, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and other entertainment venues.

Make your retail store an innovative space and stand out!


Store opening - In-store marketing - Events and Brand Activations - Roadshows and Tradeshows

Digital signature platform

Encourage your audience to interact with you thanks to the digital signature platform. This touch screen or touch control machine can record handwriting, messages or drawing that are written on the screen, save them into the system and project them on a big screen instantly.

Build consumer connections while collecting precious data and information!


Artistic Exhibitions - Roadshows and Tradeshows - Annual Gala, Cocktail party and Awards ceremonies

Augmented Reality System

This augmented reality system is an innovative virtual reality technique that projects virtual images onto the observable real-world environment. With an unparalleled realism, this system projects fascinating images, shapes or characters in front of your audience.

Deliver your brand message in innovative and exciting ways!


Artistic Exhibitions - Roadshows and Tradeshows - Annual Gala, Cocktail party and Awards ceremonies

Virtual Book

The virtual book is an interactive display in the form of an animated book or magazine. Visitors can discover your contents by physical actions like flipping, clicking, zooming, and dragging and dropping contents. It also has video playing capability.

Create an experience zone to showcase your company and brand!


Artistic Exhibitions - Roadshows and Tradeshows - Events and Brand Activations - Store opening and Product Launch

360-Degree Holographic (Rubik) Cube

The 360 Degree Holographic Rubik Cube shows 3D virtual images suspended in the air in live-action. It is the perfect solution to highlight your products and it can be completed with an interactive screen for a more engaging experience for audience.

Grab people attention and present your product in a thrilling new way!


Artistic Exhibitions - Store opening and Product Launch - Events and Brand Activations

Full or Semi Digital Painting

This multimedia display, for various settings and canvas sizes, makes traditional painting to life with dynamic projections. The painting characters are animated in a natural and artistic way on the canvas. With both visual and sounds effect, visitors are immersed in a surreal and unforgettable artistic experience.

Welcoming your guests with eyes catching and a highly artistic experience!


Hotel, Bar, Restaurant Events - Exhibitions, Roadshows and Tradeshows - Corporate Events and Parties